Today’s post presents yet another easy dessert recipe, and this one can be made with only five ingredients!
This Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe is taken from the Southern Living Cookbook, and was featured in the SouthtownStar as a Tried and True Recipe.
Both of these books contain the same recipes, so buy one or the other (unless you’re collecting them). One of those easy dessert recipes with a twist, Jeanette Mann of Chester Township recommends her Frozen Fruit Salad recipe as a great and easy addition to the dessert table.

This dessert recipe is really very easy and quick to make, and if you’re lucky, the ingredients for it are probably already on your pantry shelf or in your refrigerator right now. Both are excellent and recommended books, with over a thousand easy recipes that are popular and successful with more than 500 color photos.
If you’re looking for some quick desserts that your guests will always enjoy, then this recipe will do wonders for you! For those of you who are watching your weight, and are looking for a lighter recipe, tips for lightening the cake are included as well.

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