To make this recipe even easier, you could make the seasoning ahead of time and have it ready to go in the pantry. I purchase pork tenderloin on a regular basis at Costco or on sale at the local supermarket.
I have found the best way to get a good coating on the pork chops without having to use too much oil is by preheating the pan. Once the potatoes are cooked I sprinkle with a little cheese and heat them on high just long enough to melt the cheese.
Quick, easy dinner recipes come in many forms but for a truly easy dinner fast you should consider a one pan wonder using pork as your main dish.
All you need is one frying pan and a quick, easy dinner recipe to cook up a delicious meal using pork cutlets.
Place some spinach on four plates, add two porch chops and pour the pan sauce over the pork. Test Kitchen Professional Rebecca Gordon shows you how to cook Cornflake-Coated Pork Chops for supper tonight. Start your party off right with these easy recipes for dips, spreads, finger foods, and appetizers. Enjoy nonstop color all season long with these container gardening ideas and plant suggestions.

Sprinkle pork chops with a few basic seasonings and toss them on the grill for a flavorful main dish.
We've selected some of our favorite quick & easy dinner recipes to help you get dinner on the table in a jiffy. These recipes deliver the authentic Southern flavor of their labor-intensive counterparts with super short prep time.
If you get the pan nice and hot before placing the floured chops in the pan, they will brown nicely and you will get a beautiful browned chop without too much oil. In the summer, these pork chops would also be great sliced and served over a nice bed of lettuce as a main dish salad. I’ll try to get the recipe posted soon, since they are a great side dish to make on a hot day. Store the bits of cereal from the bottom of the box in a zip-top plastic bag to ensure you always have this quick-and-easy topping on hand.
And whether you've got chicken, ham or salmon in the fridge, we've got a recipe that'll fill the bill.
Just be sure, to throw away any seasoning mix you don’t use, ┬áthat the pork chops have even dipped in. If your family likes a little more spiciness to their pork chops you might add in some cayenne pepper to the mix.

But if your pork chops are cut thicker, you’ll want to have a nice hot pan to get the crust brown and then turn it down to cook the pork chops through. Also the resting time of about 10 minutes helps to keep the juices in the meat and not all over your plate. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan over medium to medium high heat, until the pan is nice and warm. If your family is more like mine and doesn’t like too much spice then you should be fine with how the recipe is written below. Be sure to check for doneness either by cutting a slit in the chops to check to see if they are done, or use a meat thermometer.
If you like pork chops this is a great quick and easy dinner recipe for those nights you have lots to do.
Once the pork chops are browned on both sides check for doneness with a thermometer or by cutting into one to see if it is cook through.

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