Protein is rich in amino acids essential for building muscle mass, so if you want to build healthy muscles, increase consumption of foods rich in protein. Eggs are ideal when it comes to building muscle mass since they are highly rich in protein – each ounce of eggs contains 6 grams of protein. Both chicken and turkey are rich in protein – one ounce of chicken and turkey breast contains 9 grams of protein. Fish makes another rich source of healthy protein and should be an essential part of your diet. Nuts contain quality protein and good fat and are ideal for those looking forward to build muscle mass through a combination of diet and exercise.
Milk is great source of whey protein and casein, both of which play a key role in muscle growth as well as in the formation of new muscles. European readers can get Whey, Creatine, Almond Nut Butter, Vitamin D, and Glutamine at The Protein Works. And if you're a fan of delicious high-protein recipes to fuel your muscle growth, check out his cook book 'Buff Baking' here. Great list, and encouraging because I eat all of the ticked foods on a regular basis already!!

Very good article, all the foods here are healthy, nutritious and promote an environment in the body to allow muscle growth, actually the more you alkalise the body the more efficient it becomes, so eat those vegetables guys and try to eat three times the amount of veg to any protein you consume, ( no excuses, many are low carb and kow cal so dont complain, especially brocolli which mark mentions and actually reduces estrogen levels in the body allowing more T to circulate and whamm more muscle, actually this is a message for Mark McManus, i wanted to know where i could leave a message or review about your TSPA DIET, its changed my life and now im down to 4 percent body fat when i was about 20.
Hey Mark, this is my 1st comment on ur page, though I have been following you since 4 years back I am really happy n content with all the information you provide for natural building of muscles. I appreciate the wide range of choices that include vegetarian foods and mostly gluten free foods for the ciliac crowd. Your daily protein requirement will depend upon your activity level and your daily calorie intake. Most of the protein is present in egg white, while the yolk mainly contains fat, so you can discard egg yolk to reduce your calorie intake. If you are training hard to develop muscles and build your body, consume as much low fat milk as possible.
Not a bad source of protein but also contains 10 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams with only 14 grams of protein. What I don’t see in this list is the amounts of things needed in order to benefit from the positive result. I recommend all my friends and gym rats to especially follow your page for enlightening their knowledge in muscle building.

Therefore, it is very important to consult your doctor or nutritionist to know exactly how much protein your body needs to maintain a healthy muscle mass.
When consuming eggs on daily basis, it is recommended to avoid foods rich in saturated fat such as red meat and cheese. They do contain all essential amino acids and are a complete protein, but animal sources of protein are better for MANS dieters i.e.
Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration, this blog got me focusing on losing weight and building muscle. I saw him twice a week for a month when i was out there, and we would both be in shock at how quick the body was melting the fat, how hydrated I was, how my bone density improved, how my mineral and vitamin count raised, and dude best part, when he told me ”Shahin, you have put on a kilo of muscle [2.2lbs] in the month while getting shredded at the same time”.

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