May 11, 2012 Leave a Comment If you are ingesting prescription medicines for any situation and desire to utilize over-the-counter or prescription weight loss pills to shake off weight, talk to a doctor first. You can ingest the prescription appetite suppressant phentermine together with lots of medicines, but if you are ingesting an antidepressant like Prozac or currently ingested a monoamine oxidase, or MAO, inhibitor, exercise carefulness while obtaining the medicine, recommends the PubMed Health. Inform your physician concerning all the current medicines and herbal supplements you are ingesting prior to taking in the prescription appetite suppressant diethylpropion. Your physician might recommend additional Food and Drug Administration-endorsed appetite suppressants, phendimetrazine, to aid you shake off weight.

You can purchase the fat-blocking medicine orlistat over-the-counter as Alli or request your physician for prescription-strength Xeniccal. While you can combine weight loss pills with several prescription medicines, you cannot essentially do this with each medicine, particularly if you have severe medical situation like hypertension, cautions the PubMed Health.
Comparable to related medicines, phendimetrazine must not unconstructively intermingle with majority of antidepressants and prescription birth control methods, as stated by the University of Maryland Drug Checker. It is also crucial to learn facts about some weight loss pills and how they interact with prescription drugs positively.

You can securely ingest orlistat together with prescription appetite suppressants like phentermine, antidepressants like Pamelor and birth control methods like Depo-Provera, as stated by the University of Maryland Medical Center Drug Checker.
In addition, each and every one of appetite suppressant even if not ingested together with further prescription medicines can bring about unfavorable side effects, like faintness, agitation, constipation and vomiting.

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