Three months ago I bought these diet pill [fenfast] to take along with a diet low in carbs and I was really happy with the results. Now, with my hands full with a baby to care for, dieting and exercise are much harder to do properly. I had six months to lose 50lbs and only lost 15lbs in the first three months with exercise and dieting. This is an excellent diet pill - it works for me! JeremyIt gave my metabolism the boost it needed I work out hard at the gym, but I have some body fat that is in the way of getting definition in my muscles.

They also provide dieting support, such as appetite suppression and increased energy so that you are able to eat less and exercise more without too much struggle.
I was searching for a slow release diet pill and this is the only one I could find that looked worthwhile. When I got the package i was so exited to see the pills i tore into the bottle and they looked great, just like prescription pills do (I read the ingredients twice to make sure I got the right stuff).
I have tried other products you can buy in grocery stores, like PGX, but they didn't work very well and had some unpleasant side effects.

When I found out I could only buy it online I didn't want to bother at first, but she helped me with it and assured me it was OK.
I guess if I would suggest any change it would be that perhaps only one pill is good enough each day, not two.

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