Opt for compound exercises: Isolation exercises like bicep curls are fantastic at improving strength and muscle mass, but compound exercises that involve multiple muscles at once speed up the entire process. Increase protein intake: Protein is crucial for muscle development, especially post-workout.
Most mainstream “guru’s” and muscle magazines try to convince you that building muscle is complex and difficult to do. If you’re serious about building muscle without flab, this presentation will change your life. By the way, you do not stop THT training when you blast fat on my Total Six Pack Abs cutting program. And if you're a fan of delicious high-protein recipes to fuel your muscle growth, check out his cook book 'Buff Baking' here.

If you are an intermediate or advanced lifter looking to put on massive muscle gains, then German Volume Training (GVT) is for you. You should be performing 1, and only 1, exercise per body part so choose an exercise that recruits a lot of muscle mass. Most of us want to pack on muscle fast, burn fat even quicker and make changes to our body yesterday!
Compound exercises help to initiate positive hormonal responses that stimulate muscle growth as well.
A lot of people find success by consuming protein such as casein to repair and build muscle before bedtime to help pack on muscle fast.
A lot of people ask me about this, so just know that when you cut, you do not stop training your whole body or lose any muscle or strength.

I’m also getting good unsolicited comments from younger lifters & I tell them to look up Musclehack!
By repeatedly exposing muscle units to high volume and stress, the body begins to adapt by hypertrophying the targeted muscle fibers.
The gym offers an outstanding assortment of modalities that can hit multiple angles and intensities, which triggers amazing muscle growth.

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