But the main reason I attempt to work fish into my diet is to add some variety beyond just eating chicken and ground beef for dinner every night.
The suggested (healthy) cooking methods for all sorts of food, going back several decades, have been to eschew frying for: baking, poaching, grilling, and any other method, including raw consumption, to reduce the fat content of the dish. The challenge I’ve been faced with is to prepare a fried flounder fillet using a low-carb or at the very least, lower-carb breading, and then fry it in healthy fats.

By way of example, here’s a recipe for fried flounder that uses the tweaked breading ingredients.
I’ve come to enjoy this recipe so much that I now have it once a week for dinner to break up the monotony of chicken and hamburger.
The purpose of a breading is to seal in the natural juices of the meat or fish and provide a crispy outer shell.

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