I Have made this bread several times but just added 1 teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda and 200 g of assorted seeds like kurbis, pine and sunflower, and instead of olive oil I like sunflower oil as it has a neutral taste.
Those who love bread but cannot eat it because of a low carb diet will just love this recipe. I added 3 more sweeteners and 30 drops of Capella Banana favouring and it made an amazingly yummy banana bread!
Elaine obviously has not done her research and is just parroting the old party line from decades old flawed thinking (geez the old egg debate has been over for years now and doctors are even starting to realize that low carb is the way to eliminate many modern day maladies caused by diet).

My spouse and I have been on a low carb lifestyle for 6 months, though we had begun lowering carbs a couple of months before that. There will be carbs, but the fiber amount (since fiber is insoluble) is subtracted from the total carbs. So even if you count all carbs and don’t subtract fiber, it will be a very negligible amount. It has a slimy texture and the only thing that could encourage you to call it bread is the shape.

I am a baker, have baked for many years including many types of bread but sadly this is one recipe I wont be repeating.

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