I worked as the celebrity nutritionist for Josie’s diet,  and as an advisor to her team in 2012 in which time she has embarked on an ongoing diet and weight loss training schedule.
After Clare gave birth to her daughter Sienna in November 2009, Clare weighed 12st 7lbs and was 10st 4lbs when she was photographed in her bikini.
Since the dramatic weight loss photos of Josie in the media showing what her diet and training has achieved, she has released her “Josie Gibson’s 30 Second Slim” fitness DVD with her personal trainer, James Stark.

There was a great deal of coverage surrounding the DVD with plenty of mentions of Hannah’s higher protein and fat diet that helped her lose the weight!
It was based on whole, real foods and more importantly used foods she was used to eating and liked so that the diet was sustainable during her period of weight loss.

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