Everyone wants to lose weight, and these 7 ways to safely lose weight fast¬† are sure to help you. Do a juice cleanse.¬†Spending a few days or weeks getting all of your nutrients from juices can be a great choice for helping to jump start your weight loss. These crazy ways to safely drop weight fast aren’t anything too drastic nor dangerous, but will have amazing results when you put them into practice in your daily life.
Yes, you can drop weight fast safely, but you have to accept that for optimum health, you should only lose 2-3 pounds per week.

When you plan what you will eat, it is easier to stick to your diet plan and stay within a healthy calorie range for your body to lose weight. Exercise will burn more calories which will result in you being able to safely drop weight fast. Losing 12-20 pounds a month can be considered healthy weight loss depending on your starting weight. For someone who only needs to lose 20 pounds to begin with, 1-2 pounds per week is safe and healthy.

For someone who has 100+ pounds to lose, 3-5 pounds per week can be safe and healthy in the beginning. Regardless of your weight loss desires, never make changes to your diet or exercise routine without speaking to a physician first.

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