You will be training 2 days on 1 day off hitting muscle groups twice every 8 days with cardio and abs on your “off” days. Each training session will involve a muscle getting hit “Heavy” and one getting hit more “Pump” style so your training split will look like this. Firstly, we prioritise the heavy section of your workout at the start so you are at your “freshest” and put in your maximum poundage’s to bring about the biggest muscle gains possible. This progressive resistance will mean you are constantly getting bigger and stronger each workout but it to make it most effective you will need to log each workout be in by an app or an old school pen and notepad, you will be logging your “working sets”.
The aim of these giant sets is pump the target muscle to high hell, also the giant set will serve as a good calorie burner for all them extra calories you’ll be consuming.

You will not be gaining strength like you will on the heavy section of the workout but you will still be promoting hypertrophy. So now how can we structure those festive foods to help with these workouts and gain good lean quality mass. This should always be high in any situation and especially when you’re looking to gain muscle, so aim for 1-1.5g per lb of bodyweight daily. So there you have it, the answer to all your prayers; how to enjoy the festive period and gain good quality muscle. Spend as much time as you feel you need getting the muscle ready for lifts but as a rule of thumb I would never do less than 3 for the initial exercise with higher reps (15-20).

Plus, you’ll be giving your joints and nervous system a rest from the heavy workouts whilst still gaining muscle. If you struggle to gain weight you may need to eat more but for the individual who gains fat easily you might need to restrict them to around your workout. They help keep body fat lower, improve brain function and help create the all-important muscle building hormone testosterone.

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