The best way to approach this weightlifting workout routine is by starting with a weight that you can easily handle. Incoming search terms:hard gainer (871)gainer (637)really skinny man (631)very skinny man (405)skinny man lifting weights (240)skinnyman (132)skinny (130)funny weightlifting pictures (89)skinny man pics (78)hard workout (70)Be Sociable, Share! After reading the previous post you would have begun to understand that less is sometimes more when building muscle as a hard gainer, and this weightlifting routine is a testament to that.

But if you open up your mind slightly and give this workout a try with the intensity that I have described, you will see some amazing things happen with your body. If you find that things get a bit tough after the first few workouts, then stick to the weight that you can manage. The only advice that I have for you at this point is to up the ante, keep working out like a barbarian and be ready!

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