If you want to add intensity while not adding weight your number one option should be movement further through proper progression. I was quite ignorant for some time and thought that weight training is a must if your goal is to gain strength and build muscle. If your body weight excercises take you to failure or near it doesn’t matter if it is a bench press or push-ups. Some people say it’s efficient to build muscle without adding weight (such as vase or sandbag).
Put time and effort into Weighted Dips, Bulgarian Ring Dips, and Ring Flies, and soon you’ll need a bra. I’m an old skool weight lifter thats drifting towards the wonderful sport of calisthenics.

Just imagine (well, super hypothetically), apocalypse came and there are no gyms or weights left on Earth for some reason. When you master pistol there’s nothing really you can come up with except adding weighted vest or some kettlebells etc. As for leg strength, assuming that you will use additional weight once you’ve mastered the regular Pistol they are pretty close. If your goal is only to build muscle and as fast as possible, then calisthenics are probably not for you. Due to this my weight training and hockey has suffered tremendously, i continued doing weights, but with a technique that allowed some range of motion to ease pressure from my lower back. Thus, for example, while performing Pull-Ups bottom position hold will increase demand on the performance but in way of tiring the grip and the whole chain, not tiring target muscles.

It doesn’t matter whether you move to another city or another country, whether you have money for gym membership or weights. Ive thoroughly enjoyed doing them, in fact ive enjoyed them so much that ive decided never to punish my back again through weights and to take up calisthenics instead. Also ive only ever been able to gain mass by going HEAVY in the past ( ive tried press ups before, but i didn’t achieve good mass gains) I understand that calisthenics is great for building strength for core stability (which is the main reason why ive taken up the sport, and to aid in rehabilitating my back) I also would love to gain the mass i used to have via weights. Due to calisthenics being low intensity high reps type of exercise, ive thought about adding a weighted vest to some of the exercises.

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