Addiction to anabolic steroids is real and many men as well as women suffer with addiction to them on a daily basis.
The practice of using anabolic steroids began back in the early 1950’s when body-builders would allow themselves to be injected with testosterone for strength enhancement. There are legal and beneficial uses for anabolic steroids such as helping burn victims recover faster, prevention of breast cancer and osteoporosis, and has even been shown to improve quality of life for Aids patients.
Anabolic steroid use has become popular over the years and thousands of people keep injecting themselves with the toxic drug because they think it is doing them good, but it is really killing them slowly.

Anabolic steroids were designed for people that were trying to get quicker results at the gym, but over the years this drug has proven to be harmful and possibly fatal if over-exposed to it.
Later, pharmaceutical companies developed a synthetic version of testosterone that they hoped would provide even more benefits, and the steroid use emerged to create a series of controversy regarding the safety and legality of this practice. Our staff is completely professional and here to answer any questions that you might have about your addiction to anabolic steroids. Body builders, sports players, and even your average person have been known to take steroids and develop an addiction to them with great risks to their health.

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