Building muscle is about more than picking up heavy things and putting them back down again.
They have hardly any protein, but they contain more antioxidants than just about any other food out there, making them a must for guys who are taxing it to the max in the gym, Fear says. When it comes to building muscle, peanut butter’s benefits are as based in convenience and versatility as they are in nutrition, Fear says. Their mix of protein, whole carbs, and fiber keep your muscles fed with amino acids for hours on end. A great source of protein and, specifically, casein protein, cheese makes a fast and muscle-fueling snack. Their vitamin C plays a key role in muscle growth and is a potent antioxidant, aiding in post-workout recovery, says Taub-Dix.
The legumes are packed with tons of protein and iron -- and the latter’s required for oxygen to reach your muscles cells and power your workouts, says Taub-Dix. In order to build muscle, it is important that the food we eat supplies us with plenty of essential nutrients.

Although it is possible to build muscle while on the Paleo diet, animal protein is still a good choice for increasing muscle mass. Good sources of protein not only come from non-vegetable sources.  There are also a number of vegetables and fruits which can supply enough protein to increase muscle mass. All of the above-listed foods are necessary for increasing the energy and stamina of our body. The foods you eat determine how much your muscles can grow and strengthen, plus how much energy you actually have to churn out during your regular muscle-building workouts. Those from grass-fed cows also contain a good dose of conjugated linoleic acid, which helps build muscles, fight muscle soreness, and burn fat, Delbridge says. Plus, it’s also high in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, all of which are vital to fueling your workouts and muscle. Made from whole grains and lentils that are sprouted -- meaning they’ve grown little green shoots -- they provide a ton of energy, says Taub-Dix, not to mention a hefty dose of protein and typically all of the essential amino acids your muscles need to bulk up. You need all of them for sustained energy, muscle cell signaling, and, finally, muscle growth.

The ratio for protein and fat is 9:1 in lamb, which is favorable for a perfect muscle building diet. Green tea, a beneficial drink for reducing fat, can also help increase muscle mass by cleansing the digestive system. That means the sweet-and-sour side dish could help you absorb more amino acids for muscle building. Some people have grown dependent on junk food, oily, and spicy foods, which are tastier but in the long run can cause trouble on the internal organs. Muscle building is possible only if you avoid large quantities of alcohol and by switching to a healthy diet.
Lean animal protein, seafood, nuts, fruits, and eggs are the essential food types you need to include in your muscle-building food list.

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