One snack that my kids love, and that I feel pretty good about giving to them, are these little gummy fruit snacks from Trader Joe’s. My kids are older and on their own but I think they would still love these…I hated those packages of fruit snacks they seemed to love and would have made these in a heartbeat!
So glad I found this so I can start practicing how to make these to use in his lunch, or as a fun at home snack. I made fruit leather at home and it felt good knowing that only fruit and water went into it!
I know what you mean about making school lunches and snacks – it takes some thinking to come up with healthy choices, especially for multiple kids.

Food in our family means an inordinate number of snacks throughout the day, especially for Grub.
Our Grub, now age 3, is our jokester, eating most every meal like he hasn’t eaten for days. Since we often go through a store-bought box quickly, I thought about making my own when we were inundated with fresh fruit.
I discovered a similar recipe for these homemade fruit snacks, when Grub was immersed in bowls of ripe apricots and strawberries.
Fresh is best, but thawed frozen fruit is fine, which works well for cooler climes not able to produce fresh fruit.

That seems like a lot of gelatin but it's what you need to create the right consistency for the fruit snacks.

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