17, 2003 that was linked to the use of ephedrine has also contributed to the FDA’s decision in 2004 to ban all ephedrine supplement in weight loss programs.
Also, Cantox Health Sciences International compiled all available scientific information and concluded from 19 clinical trials that ephedra was both safe and beneficial for weight loss at the 90 mg per day dosage [7].

According to ephedrine supporters, it has to do with the lobbying and economical power of the pharmaceutical companies linked to private interests of medical doctors, the end goal being to protect their market share in the huge weight loss market, by eliminating a serious competitor based on a natural product which cannot be patented, and instead by establishing their own protected brands.
Our first recommendation is to consult a doctor first, in order to have a clear statement about their health condition and then to envisage a long term weight loss program based on nutrition and exercise, which would produce durable effects (see our page about weight loss).

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