Try out these 4 effective exercises for love handles and belly fat the next time you’re training.
With these 4 killer exercises alone, there are many different variations, combination and modifications so anyone can do them and never get bored.Keep in mind, speed is not the game here. Begin in a plank position with feet hip-width apart and hands directly beneath your shoulders. Make sure you’re in a straight line and your butt is not up in the air nor sagging your back.
Lift your right foot about 6 inches off the ground, then bend your right knee and bring it toward your left elbow.
Sit on the floor with your knees bent and lean back slightly, forming a “v-shape” from your torso to bent knees, keeping the abs tight. Variations: To advance, hold a dumbbell, medicine ball or kettle bell in your hands to add more resistance.
Stack your feet one on top of the other and your weight on your right elbow with your fingers reaching away from your body.
Exhale as you lift your pelvis from the floor and lift the left arm straight up toward ceiling.
Rotate your left ribcage toward the floor as you reach the left arm between the mat and your body. Lie on the floor and lift your knees to about a 45-degree angle with lower back pressed to the ground. By doing the love handle exercises I’ve given you, it will help your waistline appear slimmer as you firm up your obliques.
Love handles affect millions of Americans causing self-consciousness, discomfort and potential health issues. Love handles represent distressing problems for millions of men and women alike across America. Mercifully, it’s perfectly possible to declare war on love handles and reduce their size and appearance in no time at all.
By far and wide, there’s nothing on Earth that can help the process of toning and shaping your body quite like regular and carefully target exercise. Line up your arm beneath the side of your body and rest either on your hand or your forearm. The plank knee drive involves entering the plank position (you can rest on your hands or your elbows) and bringing one knee in at a time in a slow motion until it almost touches your elbow.

The high plank is performed in the same manner as the low plank, though using the full length of your arms to rest on your hands, rather than your elbows. As is the case with almost all instances of body shaping and toning, your success or otherwise will be determined by whether or not you give your body the right fuel to work with along the way.
Fruits and vegetables naturally encourage the body to lower its fat levels and promote a healthy shape.
Fiber not only helps you feel fuller for longer, but also encourages the expulsion of fat from the body. Processed foods are for the most part bursting with artificial additives, flavorings and preservatives that do nothing for your health.
Water is essential for all of the body’s processes and it is 100% impossible to lose weight without enough water intake. Alcohol plays havoc with the body’s blood sugar control system and can directly lead to excess fat being stored around the belly.
Sleep can make a huge difference to weight loss as a fatigues body produces more cortisol which contributes to the storing of belly fat.
When your body detects stress, more cortisol is released which can directly lead to more fat being stored around the belly, sides and back. Pot belly, love handles, spare tire or just plain old belly fat, whatever you call it, you want to reduce it. Reducing belly fat and getting a flat stomach is the product of a full-body workout routine and eating healthy.
Obtaining a sleek abdominal area can be a challenging fitness goal to achieve, and even a harder one to maintain, especially as. I believe in “quality not quantity”.That’s why I gave you a recommended time frame rather than just a number of set repetitions.
Everyone will be different, depending how strong their core (abs, lower back, and glutes) is.
Focus on really extending the leg out straight and that you’re moving your rib cage and not just your elbows. You’ll need to lose weight from the total body (including belly and love handle fat). However, most have more control over the situation than they may realize and could quite easily reduce the appearance of excessive belly fat with a few simple lifestyle changes.
When a person has an excessive deposit of belly fat that also goes around the sides and sometimes to the back, this is the condition that’s become known as love handles.

And in the love handle department, there are plenty of exercises perfectly suited to reducing their size and appearance. Next, dip your hips toward the ground in a slow and controlled movement, before raising them back. Next, lift the weight of your body using your feet and legs, holding the position for up to three minutes before gently lowering back to the ground. Packed with vitamins, essential fiber and other nutrients, fruit and veg are your firm friends when battling love handles. The best advice therefore is to avoid processed food to the highest possible extent and instead favor fresh, natural foods. When looking to lose weight and promote health, you should never allow yourself to become too hungry and nor should you gorge on huge portions of food. So before you set out on your six-month plan to lose those love handles, learn how to relax. Bottom line is you need to incorporate a healthy diet, along with strength training and interval cardio workouts and you’ll be fast on your way to being rid of your love handles.
And while the primary motivation of most is to lose these love handled for a better look and a better fit of their clothes, it’s worth remembering any excessive fat build-ups can be detrimental to health. Next, carefully raise your right knee toward your chest and at the same time bring forward your left elbow to meet your knee in the middle. When comfortable, stretch your arms out in front of you and begin twisting your torso first to the left, then to the right. In addition, you should be making the effort to ensure that you meet your necessary daily intake of fat in the form of only the healthiest fats and oil, such as Omega 3-rich fish, olive oil and nuts.
As such, be sure to up your fiber intake and favor wholegrain carbs such as quinoa and oatmeal over the processed variety. Instead, you should eat little and often to remain satisfied all day, while avoiding eating late at night.
Got my heart rate up, worked a bunch of muscles, but don't feel like I'll be too sore and tired tomorrow to try again.

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