Laura began her career in marketing, and was lucky enough to work on a number of Britain's best loved brands, including Wall's Ice Cream, Flora margarine and everyone's favourite spicy snack- Peperami! Monica Seeley, Marsha Egan and Bonnie Low Kramen as well as organisations including Pitman, OfficeTeam & Hays. This has brought with it a vast amount of opportunities which she has taken full advantage of, networking and encouraging Scotland based PA’s to go for awards, connect with each other and share ideas.

So I remembered having teriyaki tuna steak last year in a Japanese restaurant and decided to put together a perfect low fat dinner for PP days by combining the tuna with a tasty tzatziki dip. One cup of sliced jicama (Mexican yam) dipped into half a cup of salsa makes a fiery and filling snack.A milder version of this would be ten baby carrots with a dip of four ounces of Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of ranch mix (or any other condiment of your choice) blended in.

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