I came across this recipe after I learnt how many calories were in one of those large chocolate chip cookies you can get in the high-street or in packs from the bakery in supermarkets.
So because those cookies used to be an occasional treat I decided to see if I could find a recipe for a similar cookie that had at least a few less calories in it.
Oh I know how supermarket cookies are sooooo full of calories :( But they are so darned good!! Crush the peanut butter cereal unitl you have crumbs (Try putting it in a zip top bag and crushing it with a rolling pin). Chocolate, Butter, Peanut butter, Crispix cereal and 2 more..

Chocolate cake mix (regular size), Peanut butter chips and 6 more..
Unsalted butter, Flour, Sour cream, Cold water, Sugar and 15 more..
Low-fat graham cracker crusts, Fat free cream cheese and 5 more..
Peanut butter (i used chunky though it called for creamy) and 5 more.. Don’t look now if you want to live blissfully unaware that each one of those cookies has around 480 calories in it!

Now these Peanut Butter Cookies are made without flour, which makes them gluten free and means there is a reduction in calories. Yes they are filled with peanut butter which does contain fat, however if you choose a natural and organic peanut butter you will reduce the fat content as these peanut butter have no added sugar.  Over all these cookies save you around 340 calories and around 17g of fat!

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