The low-fat diet has been on life support since 2006, when the failure of the WHI trial was published. About 7,500 people were randomized to either get advice on a low-fat diet or a Mediterranean diet with more fat, specifically olive oil or nuts. 4Mike HFebruary 25 2013It is funny to me that the "Mediterrannan Diet" seems to be the politically correct term for low carb. If they are uses as the typical "low fat" model, then you need to look at 10% of calories as fat. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were all devoted to finding the healthiest diet, and not our preconceived notions.

I have looked at the table re dietary advice given in this study, and it does indeed look like standard low fat diet advice.
Synthetic oils of the last 200 years high in omega 6 and low or zero omega 3's like corn oil, soy oil, canola oil etcetera that are mnufactured at high temperatures are cheap and everywhere. I agree with most of it, but if I recall correctly, a good cut of pork has less fat than even chicken! Once you start counting calories and looking at carbs, you realize chips are really hard to fit into a low calorie, low carb diet. She has always tended to make nutritious low fat meals cause that is what she has always preferred eating.

When dinner rolls around I’m am scrabbling to find a healthy meal that is quick and delicious! His studies included multiple variables and to state that the variable that mattered was fat is simply unproven. I have to say, there is nothing wrong with fat, when we are talking about good healthy fat.

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