In the first two weeks you can fit most low carb Atkins Induction foods into an Indian menu. Low carb Indian dishes such as Moong Dal Dosa (recipe below) and paneer fit perfectly into the Atkins Induction phase. Make thin dosas out of besan (chickpea flour) and use them as a low carbohydrate substitute for roti. Slowly add some higher carbohydrate veggies to your Indian dishes: Green peas, black eyed peas, rajma, chole, sprouts.

This eight page low carb eBook was developed by the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at San Jose State University. Carb Counts for Indian Foods outlines the phases of the low carb diet and lists the carb counts of over 100 Indian foods, in serving sizes with 15 gm of carbs. This Indian variation of the Atkins low carb diet is broken down into the traditional Atkins Phases, with Indian food suggestions for each phase. If your cooking skills are more advanced, try one of the three classic Indian low carb recipes.

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