This stems from the work done by Cordain, Eaton and others whose research found that the majority of paleo and hunter gatherer diets are lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and fat than today’s diet. A diet high in refined carbohydrate diets is not healthy – especially the standard western diet, where carbohydrates are eaten far in excess of requirements. Of course you don’t need to count carbs, but in my observation, many in the paleo world do not eat enough carbs. While this may be the impression that you have or it may even have been stated in comments by those who jump to conclusions, this has never been the position of any leading proponents of low carb eating that I have read: such as Gary Taubes.
When you want a warm vegetable to serve with your dinner, you can choose from eggplant, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli and zucchini. If you want to add tomato, peppers, mushrooms or green beans, you need to be aware that these contain even more carbs per serving, so if you are trying to stay very low carb it is probably best to indulge in them only occasionally. Unfortunately, that common staple on many dinner plates - peas - should be avoided completely until you can afford more carbs in your diet since it is right up their with starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes. Even though all of these vegetables are healthy and good for you in their own right, when your goal is to keep to a low carb diet, knowing where they fall on the scale will help you make the wisest choices when planning your menus or eating out.
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However it needs to be noted (again) that this may be because of the dietary availability of carbohydrates, and the higher availability of protein sources. Very low carbohydrate diets are widely promoted for weight loss, and the low carbohydrate trend has become entwined with paleo eating. Most feel better on a moderate carb diet, which is still a lot lower in carbs than the standard western diet, and more importantly if you eat a paleo diet, you will be cutting out the damaging carbohydrates. I also see many CrossFitters eating low carb diets and suffering – low energy, poor recovery, sleep problems, adrenal fatigue. This is because they eat lots of volume of vegetables, but not enough of the carbohydrate containing ones. It was as close as I could get to net carbs, there is a lot of variation in foods, so this should be seen as a rough guideline. So, I am considering backing off protein a little and increasing carbs a little to see if this will help increase my energy and workout recovery.
It is ideal for making long, curly veg slices for low carb, healthy veg meals quickly.Preparing your favorite dishes for the whole family will no longer be a chore. More recently after finding that eating Paleo food choices was the "icing on the cake" health wise, I have become a Paleo enthusiast and teacher.
Quality carbohydrates eaten in the context of a paleo diet will be less that the standard diet. I then experimented with Atkins, thinking this must be the ultimate in avoiding carbs, and gave myself some sort of terrible hormonal imbalance – my skin was shocking, periods irregular, no energy, just a mess.

Don’t have any food issues other than enjoy eating sugary food which I stopped since Paleo became my way of eating. Designed to be dead easy to operate and clean, with strong suction cups for secure operation, a large number of spikes on vegetable holder (21 spikes) to hold vegs firmly, and removable components for washing separately. LC-Cranberry Sauce is diabetic friendly, low carb, sugar free, artificial sweetener free, high fiber and gluten free.
Also, as I’ve gotten fitter and slimmer, my carb tolerance and maybe even need for carbs has increased. Designed to be dead easy to operate and clean, with strong suction cups for secure operation, a large number of spikes on vegetable holder (21 spikes) to hold vegetables firmly, and removable components for washing separately.
Use our LC-Cranberry Sauce with fresh cranberries to make a cranberry sauce that no one will be able to tell is low carb.
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In 2010 she was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis, which led her to follow a Paleo diet that is higher in fat and lower in carbs.

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