13 Page eBook  When you’re on a low carbohydrate diet, having a plan for low carb traveling is an absolute MUST. Introduce your low carb diet to friends and family gracefully, and avoid offensive situations. 4 Pages  Complete comparison chart of carbs, protein, fat and calories in 100 fruits, vegetables and berries.

11 Page eBook  Compare alcohol %, calories and carbs in over 250 import and domestic beers. 16 Page eBook  Certain herbs and spices regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and radically speed up weight loss.
1 Page  Simple, yet comprehensive Atkins low carb foods list to print out and take to the grocery store.

Includes grocery store low carb shopping tips, an Atkins-approved Fast-Start Low Carb Basics list and plenty of room to add your own items at the bottom.

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