This super moist Low Carb and Gluten Free Vanilla Cake is incredibly sweet and just plain addictive! The cake itself is soft with a moist crumb, and it’s packed with a delicious, sweet vanilla flavor. December 27, 2010 By Carolyn 58 Comments It was about a month ago, as I was standing in line at the grocery store check-out, that I saw exactly what I wanted to have for dessert on Christmas Day.
The other requirement of my low-carb Christmas dessert was that it not be obvious that it was low carb.

I love cheesecakes, and we are lucky they are quite low-carb and we can make them still more using nuts and sweeteners. I have the Cooking Light magazine with the cheesecake on the front and I couldn't stop drooling over it! I Love cheesecake, and have some in the fridge :)))- I need to stop mouthwatering from your photos!
And I know what your'e talking about with cheesecakes being overly sweet-what a way to ruin such a wonderful thing.

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