This is the same recipe as my Eggplant Lasagna but I added ground beef to the marinara sauce. Recipes for ground beef is best prepared with lean ground beef because is a cheap and easy obtainable ingredient thousands of quick ground beef recipes.
The process of grounding the meat acts as a tenderizer which is useful for the tougher meat from the standard beef cuts. The leanest -- and most expensive per pound -- is sirloin, which is sometimes labelled "extra lean." Sirloin is more expensive than the other ground beef as it is a much tenderer and lean beef cut.

Next in line is the round steak, then chuck, and then regular "ground beef" or just plain "hamburger," which is the highest in fat and the least expensive. You might want to consider using the least expensive, regular ground beef in dishes that require you to brown the meat, because you can drain off most of the fat but still keep the beefy flavour. I received a few emails this week from people who asking me to share a ground beef soup recipe, so I have decided to publish a simple and quick one for you. Its versatility adds infinite possibilities to an endless number of beef dishes and is simply beef that's been ground or finely chopped, and it's available in a range of prices depending on what beef cut it is from but it usually originates from the tougher parts of the animal, like the flank and chuck.

You might even have to add fat to the pan to cook extra lean ground beef since so little is rendered during cooking.

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