This guide will show you some of the best options for store bought low carb bread, as well as give you links to low carb bread mixes you can make yourself.
When you’re looking to buy low carb bread already made, shopping in your local store can be quite discouraging. A little higher than our goal for carbs, this bread has 23 grams per slice, but has seven grams of fiber to help balance the scales. Two slices (they come together but sliced, like English muffins) have 22 grams of carbs and five grams of fiber for the multi-grain variety. Try mixing up a batch of tuna for sandwiches, spreading it on one piece of bread, topped with a good slice of cheddar, and then broil until the cheese is slightly brown.

If you have a bread machine or like to make bread by hand, there are several low carb bread mixes to choose from that allow you to have control over the ingredients you put into your bread. The great thing about Atkins Bake Mix is that you can use it in place of flour for just about any baking need. Whether you buy your low carb bread pre-made or through a bread mix, there are several high quality, tasty low carb choices that allow you to enjoy bread without the guilt of straying from your low carb diet. Ok, moving on to today’s beauty of a recipe…Low Carb Protein Pancakes and when I say low carb, I TRULY mean it, 2 grams of carbs ONLY!
I love pancakes just as much as the next person, but always avoid them, because of the flower, oil, the garnish (syrup) etc.

You could even blend your whole batter before cooking your pancakes, although there isn’t much lumps if you skip the blending process.

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