Laksa is a great dish you can convert to low carb in a breeze, if you skip out the noodles and add in extra bean sprouts you get almost the same result as you do with a regular laksa. Use a spiral slicer (mine is sold here) to cut one medium zucchini per person.  This will replace the linguini noodles called for in the recipe. For this meal I just got my sauce piping hot and added it to the noodles and stirred it together.

Using the shirataki noodles (either SlimPasta Angel Hair Pasta or the Miracle Noodles) you can add noodles back into your Laksa without adding in the normal carbs that go with this.
Since the zucchini is about 5 net carbs and the equivalent amount of pasta is about 45 net carbs, I think it’s an excellent trade.

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