You restrict the intake of sugar and carbohydrates so that your body has no easy source of carbs that the body can store up in the form of fat.
They probably make it easier to cut the carbs – since most of us are unused to having normal meals minus the carbs. And since they are supposed to be had when you are trying to cut carbs they are bound to be low carb!Now, you may or may not want to go the meal-replacement way.

But the good news is that you can actually make many a cocktail minus the carb!And instead of just giving you that information, we’ve also brought you a few easy to mix sugar-free low-carb cocktails to check out for yourself!Speaking of alcohol, there is a much loved spirit that is actually quite high in carb.
Because there are actually a few beers that have been brewed keeping your problem in mind – and they ARE low carb!

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