The best pop-up dining in AustraliaTaking place in city laneways and beachside locations across Australia, the cool crowd can't get enough of the food and drink pop-up phenomenon.
Chef Jonathan Rollo’s Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop is dedicated to creating unique meals using locally sourced, all-natural and organic produce. Elle magazine dubbed this this extreme, clean-eating diet the one that is “taking over Instagram.” This month-long program is featured in the NY Times bestselling book, “It Starts with Food” and it resembles the high protein, low carb Paleo diet except there are absolutely no indulgences of grain, dairy, sugar, alcohol or legumes for 30 days – no cheating, or you have to start over.

Kimberly Neumann is healthy living enthusiast from the Gold Coast of Australia and she really knows how to compose an appetizing shot of food growing in natural landscapes by taking advantage of the stunning scenery.
If you have a particular fetish for frozen banana ice cream, then this is the food porn for you.
Named one of LA’s Best, their meals can be picked up by Los Angeles-based Bootcampers from the fridge cased, while the rest of the country can watch enviously on Instagram.

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