I was motivated to qualify for life insurance in 2003, and going low-carb was one of the things that helped me to get my A1C under 7 so that I could be considered “healthy”. I’ve done it both ways, and haven’t been able to get good results with even moderate carb levels. I think many of us think of eating “normally” as the measure for living a normal life with diabetes. Some people forget to point out that for people who eat low carb, many eat loads of vegetables, which technically, are high in carbohydrate. I really appreciate hearing how someone fits this way of eating into their life and the reasons behind doing so.  I think the reasons for finding foods that lower insulin needs are compelling enough to consider very seriously.  Thanks so much for answering those questions, Nathan! Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a state of absolute or relative insulin deficiency aggravated by ensuing hyperglycemia, dehydration, and acidosis-producing derangements in intermediary metabolism.  The most common causes are underlying infection, disruption of insulin treatment, and new onset of diabetes.
It worked.  Besides better A1Cs I’ve also benefitted from feeling better and getting healthier overall. I’ve experimented to see if I can include more carbs and use more insulin and the results always have me back with higher A1Cs. The protein and fat are the main source of energy and the vegetables are there because I love them.

My sister is also a Type 1 diabetic and she and her family eat Paleo and it has solved many health issues for all of them.
We have less junk food around the house and our typical family meals are centered around protein. I always felt misunderstood because my biggest issue with diabetes is that you can manage it really well and still suffer bodily damage. However, my thoughts return to the fact I have always understood about diabetes: that high blood sugars are extremely damaging to the body, especially in the long term.
Carbs are kind of addictive, and most people don’t realize that if you can go for 4-7 days without them, you can leave them behind.
I have read the Paleo and Primal literature and think it’s a great thing for people to pursue for better health. He lives a rather normal life and views his glucose control as a puzzle to sort out, rather than a drag.
I may not have much for complications after 17 years with diabetes but I have other issues that doctors directly attribute to my having diabetes. And if that means eating fewer carbs than I’d like in order to keep a low A1c without risking too many dangerous lows, I may have to suck it up for my ultimate desire of being healthy in 50 years.

So I know I’m gambling, but I’m doing it in faith alongside all the hours of research I’ve put in and personalized knowledge of myself. All of these issues are a big deal to me.  Recently, a conversation with some ladies who’ve had type 1 for several decades made me realize that I’m realistic to expect more challenges or complications from here on out. Instead of accepting the idea that it’s going to derail my life and control it, I plan to be in control. To a person diagnosed as a child, a few decades means that their prime of life is going to be rudely interrupted.  Maybe that is why now that I’m done with the high carb needs part of my life that all young people go through, I feel like I really need to buckle down and get blood sugars as close to “normal” as possible.
When I got back from my trip I realized that my glucose control was off for most of my trip, and I had picked up a few extra pounds as well. I used to brew beer at home regularly, and that was one place where I was consuming gluten.

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