Low carb diets have been popular for years now and there is plenty of both scientific and anecdotal evidence to prove that such a diet can result in long term weight loss.
If you are considering making 2015 the year of the low carb diet for you then here are some tips and pointers to help make doing so more effective. Some diets call for carbs to be limited to a maximum of 20-30 grams a day, a very low amount as on average people consume about 300 grams on a standard diet.
When most people think about carbs they can cut from their diet their thoughts immediately turn to the obvious; bread, pasta, root vegetables like potatoes. The key to successful low carb dieting is taking the time to understand just where the carbs are coming from in your current diet and then taking steps to eliminate them sensibly.

The low carb diet is one that has its critics, as do many diet plans that seek to remove whole food groups, but for many people it has proved successful in helping them achieve their weight loss goals. To begin with, people do have different definitions of just which carbs should be eaten in smaller quantities and just how many can be allowed to remain. Others allow for up to 100 grams daily and despite the increase in carb consumption over the very strict diets they still lose weight.
But by February 1st, or March 1st, many have already slipped back into old bad habits that are derailing their efforts, often because they simply can’t find an effective diet plan that both works and that they can stick to on a consistent basis.
This is because just as important as how many carbohydrates are consumed as a part of a low carb diet is exactly where they are coming from.

But there are other, less obvious sources that if left in your diet will add far more carbohydrates than you might imagine and derail your low carb efforts. The Greek version also contains far fewer carbohydrates and so can perhaps be included in your low carb eating plan.
Simple little changes like this are easier than you think , making the diet easier to stick to in order to achieve those 2015 weight loss goals that you set for yourself on New Year’s Day.

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