It all started one glorious morning when I opened the cupboard and noticed the box of Carb Well cereal.
As the golden nuggets poured into my bowl, I could smell sweetness of the Carb Well cereal.
After I took that first spoonful of the Carb Well cereal, horrible memories that were repressed began spilling out of my subconscious.

I guess I was so traumatized from the experience that I unconsciously just put the box of Carb Well cereal away and tucked away those memories deep into my mind. After I realized the sugar wouldn’t help, I decided I had to get rid of the Carb Well cereal or else it would haunt me forever.
I tried this stuff, too, and was horrified at how awful and pasty and just aughugahusgauguhugh (*scrapes tongue to remove remnants of cereal*) it was.

Well, having eaten Kashi (aka twigs) for the last 2 years (I love cereal, but am watching my calorie intake), Carbwell Cinnamon is a welcome change once every week or so.

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