In a small saucepan over low, melt butter, unsweetened chocolate together and powdered erythritol together. Nanaimo bars are the thing I love most in this world (after my daughter, husband, family, and friends, of course), so if you ever get the urge to make me a birthday dessert and send it, something Nanaimo-related would be looked upon very favourably… just sayin'! Nanaimo Bars were a big part of my childhood and, every time we visit family in Vancouver, we are sure to load up on our favorite dessert.

For the most part, I followed my recipe for low carb Nanaimo Bars, but I did make a few little changes along the way. Looks deeeeelish, And as its in tart form you can eat more than you would as bars whilst not feeling so guilty as its a more a dessert rather than a snack i dont know if that makes sense…its my minds way of justifying eating lotsa sweets! After all, there is nothing in the Canadian Constitution that says we have to eat them in bar form.

If you’re the sort that likes your Nanaimo Bars very sweet, you may want to also add some powdered erythritol or xylitol to the filling.

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