Posted in Fitness Tagged 30 Day Plank challenge weight loss, home exercises to lose weight, how to do a plank, lose weight, weight loss. For many people the answer of how to lose 10 pounds at least is somewhat mysterious, truth is, its not that hard. Posted in Fitness Tagged How to Lose 10 Pounds, I want to lose 10 pounds, lose weight, losing 10 pounds, weight loss, weight loss workout plan for women.

The infamous 30 day plank challenge weight loss mission is geared towards trimming your waist line in 3o days, and tighten your mid section to give you that toned look.
This  challenge comes with two fifteen day challenges, of which the first 15 days is for beginners and the other 15 days  takes to a whole new level of planking and weight loss achievement. As Jishaa said, everyone has different capabilities.You may refer to the day1 workout plan first which is a bit easier, try completing two rounds of that.

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