Research shows intense training like you’ll do in The Lean Muscle Workout can boost your metabolism for more than 36 hours afterward. As a Men's Health Personal Trainer member, you'll have access to a powerful interactive online trainer that gives you both the expertise of Men's Health editors and experts plus the support of an entire online community. First you'll choose from MORE THAN 30 PERSONALIZED WORKOUT PLANS created by the experts at Men's Health magazine. Then, our MEAL PLAN SELECTOR walks you through your food preferences so you can create a menu that matches your fitness, lifestyle, and weight-control goals.

Higher levels of testosterone not only help you build more muscle and strength, but also help decrease body fat. You’ll lose flab, gain muscle, and reap all the rewards with this complete diet and exercise program.
Packed with workouts to push your body harder than you thought possible, this workout will give you results your body will thank you for. You'll get a weekly meal plan that includes menus, recipes, nutrition information, and printable shopping lists.

Use our workout selector to define your fitness goals and we’ll recommend the plan that's right for you.

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