Instead, you’re going to have to assess your personal needs and decide which muscles to work on which days. There are many ways you can divide up your muscle groups to achieve the best workout for you.
This is a great way to divide up the muscles into 2 groups that are approximately equal in size. The logic behind this method is that certain muscle groups tend to work together in compound movements. Of course the fact that these muscles all work together so much might be the exact reason you decide not to train them together.
As you advance, giving your muscles the shock they need requires greater and greater intensity.
Coming up: A beginning training program that can be adjusted and modified as a beginner moves into the intermediate stages.

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Only 20% of women strength train,1 which, according to my math, means that the overwhelming majority of women have never indulged an activity that burns body fat, builds lean muscle definition, stokes metabolism, AND fortifies bones. A beginner would be able to do a small amount of work for each muscle group and still see muscle growth. Since small amounts of work are being done for each muscle group, the body might be able to handle more muscle groups in a single workout.

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