Lean Body® Mass 60 contains a time-released blend of 6 high-quality proteins plus creatine monohydrate to support anabolic muscle growth.
Lean Muscle Gainer (LMG) has been engineered by Activate Nutrition to provide your body with the core nutrition needed to build lean quality muscle.
Matrix Nutrition Monster Protein 4KG is the highest protein content weight gainer in our range, scientifically engineered to only develop quality lean muscle mass. If you discovered this post informative, Remember to book mark this information page - Lean Muscle Gainer. The Gold Standard In Performance NutritionLEAN MASS GAINER™ is scientifi cally engineered to in-duce lean muscle mass and not just size.
Lean Mass Builder.Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer is without question the most complete lean muscle stimulator of its kind and is the all in one supplement you should not be without! Each serving of Lean Body® Mass 60 provides 60 grams of protein—the highest protein content of any product in its class.

Many people do not realise the importance of quality carbohydrates in the muscle building process.
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This ultra dense formula provides nearly 1000 muscle-building calories and 50 grams of high quality whey protein that you can easily shake up in one compact 16 oz. You must eat these meals everyday to stay on Lean protein provides the building blocks (amino acids) necessary for muscle growth and recovery.
In addition, you will experience no bloating with Lean Body® Mass 60, because it’s 98% lactose free, 96% fat free, and contains no aspartame, sucrose or fructose. Post workout your body has a window of about an hour to replenish glycogen stores and flush the muscles with quality protein to start the muscle building process. And just like every Labrada product, Lean Body® Mass 60 is lab tested to meet the label claim of potency.

Due to its high index and incredibly fast digestion rate, it heads straight to the muscles to replenish glycogen stores and begin the muscle building process.
Dextrose is also extremely beneficial in helping with the absorption of creatine in the muscle cells.
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and their absorption by muscle is the core process of muscle growth and repair.

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