The voluptuous Kardashian, 29, is a spokesperson for Quick Trim diet pills, but she seems to be forever on a diet and trying to lose weight. Fortunately for Kim, and unfortunately for her fans, the big-bootyied sex-tape star makes money whether or not she products she shills are effective.
Sadly, fans of the reality star (usually impressionable young women) actually buy some of her products in the hopes it'll help transform them into a Kardashian clone. This week, Khloe and Kim Kardashian repeat a cover and weight loss interview almost verbatim for Life & Style magazine.

Since the sisters Kardashian shill for voodoo weight loss pill Quick Trim, you could say that Life & Style sells Quick Trim, too. Hi, i have done 7 days with does pills and beside the fact that every morning i would live everything that i hate the day before i got REALLY DEPRESSED. Critics say her use of diet pills and liposuction disqualifies her as a fitness role model. For instance, last fall Kim did indeed lose over 15 pounds by dieting, working out, and allegedly using the diet pills she is paid to market.

Obviously, the more exposure Kim gets, the greater is her marketing appeal from a corporate standpoint, and the more money she can command in endorsement fees.

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