Shortly after she got pregnant, Kim began to pay more attention to the hours of rest and food. Beautiful Kim also revealed she was delighted with a lot of foods rich in lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, seafood), healthy fats such as nuts and avocados, more fruits and vegetables and cheese. Kim has opened up about her desire to shed some extra weight both in a new interview and on Twitter! Kim Kardashian is making an attempt to get into shape, opening about it in a new interview and sharing her frustrations with weight loss on Twitter!

Kim Kardashian expected to recover after birth and then followed a program of Pilates Plus, getting to play sports even one hour per day. We can say without reservation that at only 33 years old, Kim loves life and its challenges.
They helped me to burn body fat and get rid of about 1,000 calories per hour”, revealed the voluptuous Kim Kardashian. In just six months after giving birth, the beautiful brunette spectacular managed to lose no more, no less than 44 pounds.

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