The morning we leave, I pass out the snack boxes and the kids know that this is their snack allowance for the day. Another bonus with these boxes is that the flat top, when closed, is a great lap desk for coloring or reading!
The road trip snack boxes are something my kiddos look forward to each time we travel and it’s been a fun tradition to maintain over the years! I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Having snacks for a road trip is great because then you’re less inclined to stop for fast food! Now that my youngest is a preschooler, we’ve started these daily snack boxes and they’ve been a hit with everyone!

We’ll be stopping for regular meals but not planning additional snack stops or refills for their box. It is always important to have some snacks on the road as it is not always convenient to stop and one sometimes does not know what is available! We will definitely have to implement this idea for the next time we go to LEGO Land or Disney. We started with new, inexpensive fishing tackle boxes and had the kids fill all the compartments with snacks and necessities for our long van ride.
These new Oreo 2-packs are the perfect serving size for snack time and fit well in our snack boxes.
Neither my hubs nor I are big fans of frequent stops but kids are snackers and having food along will save you time and money, allowing you to avoid the gas station junk food break.

I love that the Oreo 2-packs are sold in a box of 18 because, with 4 kiddos, it allows me to refill their boxes multiple times over the course of our trip. My kids were thrilled when they saw this fun package size and immediately suggested them for our road trip snack boxes!

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