With Jorge Cruise's new weight loss plan The Belly Fat Cure, you don't count calories, you count carbs and sugar.
The Belly Fat Cure contains four weeks of meal plans and over 100 recipes accompanied by photos illustrating "belly good" swaps.
Staying away from processed junk (thanks celiac disease!) has helped my blood sugar readings and weight loss, but I'm still working on the tummy fat. Sorry but anytime I have extra tummy fat, I can't buy into the idea that it comes from eating fruit. I put together a quick Cheat Sheet for Jorge Cruise's Happy Hormones, Slim Belly diet plan.
Jorge Cruise has a new diet book out called Happy Hormones Slim Belly (available on Amazon for $15). During the two Slim Days of the diet, you strictly limit your Sugar Calories (or Total Carbohydrates multiplied by 4) to 100. Jorge created a beautiful book trailer for Happy Hormones Slim Belly here and next week I will have a Happy Hormones Slim Belly Cheat Sheet for you to reference! The 100 Diet - This is where Jorge introduced Sugar Calories, which is Total Carbohydates x 4.
Kindle Note: I see TONS of complaints on Amazon about the Kindle formatting of Jorge's books published by Hay House.

I've looked around at many other low carb diet plans; Paleo, Wheat Belly, Slow Carb to name a few. On the Belly Fat Cure you track Sugar and Carbs per meal and the daily total isn't as important.
I've just put together a quick guide for the Belly Fat Cure Diet plan that I wanted to share with you all! For the Husband's birthday I wanted to make a special veggie dish and came across this recipe, that I decided to modify for both our diets (Me=Low Carb, He=Mostly Vegan). I greatly altered my kids diet to cut way back on the sugar, up the fiber and completely eliminate all artificial sweeteners for them. Too much sugar and too many processed carbs, which are quickly metabolized into sugar, increase the levels of insulin, and he explains "insulin manages blood sugar levels and controls the accumulation of fat — especially around the waistline." Since protein and fat do not affect insulin levels, you are allowed unlimited quantities while following the plan, and these nutrients have a high satiety factor "so it is unlikely you will overeat them," adds Cruise. The eating plan reminds me of a modified South Beach or Atkins diet, but skips the seriously unpleasant carb-free induction phase. Cruise does admit that only two to three of those pounds will be from real belly fat, and the rest will be from eliminating "trapped waste matter" — probably another reason to eat all those whole grains packed with fiber. Let me know if you have tried this diet and what you thought about it in the comments section below. The book is all about Carb Cycling, where you eat two days of Slim Belly, followed by five days of Happy Belly.

Jorge has even come out with additional books in the last few years (The 100, Happy Hormones Slim Belly). On Jorge's FAQ and in the first book he says should get all 6 carb servings, but that could actually mean as little as 35 grams of carbohydrates depending on how you spread them out. The fitness guru doesn't consider his plan a diet per se, because when following it you don't have to give up the foods you love (like bacon and burgers) — that is, unless you love fruit.
Oddly enough, Cruise doesn't encourage exercise either, since it's believed that muscle mass helps process insulin.
The first 45 pages explain the plan, the following 200 pages are menus and recipes, and several success stories (but no fabulous photos to accompany those stories, which I missed!) The new book is hardcover, not spiral like the Belly Fat Cure books, and has a pink cover. Jorge has moved on from the 3 Hour Diet, which is time and calorie counting based and published in 2006. Cruise believes the secret to dropping belly fat is eliminating sugar and processed carbs, and his list of belly bad food includes foods naturally high in sugars like carrots, beets, and most fruits. You will need to make changes to the MFP setup to track the Belly Fat Cure correctly, instructions are HERE.

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