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A lipstick kiss art frame is fast becoming a popular guest book idea for both bridal showers and bachelorette parties. For the hopeless romantics out there, vintage-style cupcakes would make the sweetest treats to serve at a Valentine’s Day tea party. Valentine’s Day presents for the special lady in your life don’t always have to be mushy or “emo,” as they say. Hip, creative packaging and colors that pop—a modern spin indeed for your Valentine gifts and favors!

For anyone in charge of a bridal party, be assured that they’re fun and easy to make plus only a few materials are required–making them budget-friendly, too! So, what could be cuter and sweeter than concocting some signature cocktails for your wedding. But for 3 very lucky couples, that dream could actually come true in February 2014–thanks to the Empire State Building “Love Above All” 20th Annual Valentine’s Day Contest!
Whether you’ll be marking the occasion with a full party or with an intimate dinner for just the two of you, you can definitely set the tone with sips from any of these delicious concoctions. Instead, we suggest a charming alternative to the usual Day of Hearts kitsch: a vintage-inspired tea party for the bridesmaids in soft shades of blue with touches of pink!

And for a Valentine season occasion with an intimate ambiance, this means extending a sweet welcome with a sign that’s all about love and romance! That is why it is helpful to have a source of inexpensive dinner ideas, quick and easy dinner ideas to which you can refer.
Here are a couple of cheap, quick, easy dinner recipes using pasta.Baked Pasta Casserole Spaghetti is a cheap, quick, easy dinner recipe, but it can get tired if you have it too frequently.

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