When I was trying to lose 100 pounds there were many weigh-ins where that number did not budge.
I’ve previously ranted about how unhealthy I think it is for people to lose so much weight each week.
Losing a lot of weight will result in loose skin, no matter how hard you work at toning it. Ha ha, talk about slow, considering one guy on last night’s BL lost 41 pounds at the first weigh-in!

Because they were impatient and wanted quick fixes or they did not change their bad habits.
Your body will strain to save calories, preventing weight loss and even harming your metabolism’s natural functions. Losing weight slowly and in a healthy way will cause the skin to tighten up and the hanging skin will be less.
Sometimes I lost more, sometimes I lost nothing, and a few times I’ve gained a pound or 2 back and had to lose them again.

Studies show that losing weight slowly and in a healthy way is the key to keeping it off for good.
I am glad now that I took my time to lose the weight RIGHT so that I had a better chance of keeping it off.

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