If the doctors prescribe the antidepressants for suspected anxiety which is caused by adrenaline (due to hypoglycemia) the health can go just downhill. Only the hunger and sleepiness are the two effects of hypoglycemia which are not directly caused by adrenaline.
Reactive hypoglycemia is rampant and the natural response to low blood sugar is adrenaline release which brings the blood sugar up. It is common with reactive hypoglycemia that people have (slightly) elevated basal blood sugar levels so the symptoms of hypoglycemia can set on much higher blood glucose levels than in healthy people.
That is why hypoglycemia may lead to weight loss even though there is enough of carbohydrates in the diet. The key is protein; the higher needs for protein in people with hypoglycemia and eating standard diets may lead to weight loss due to protein deficiency.

High protein food or protein supplement before sleep may balance the blood sugar and make the sleep more refreshing due to avoiding the hypoglycemic state during the night. When adrenaline is released (due to hypoglycemia) during the sleep the adults usually wake up and go to the bathroom. Constant hypoglycemia and subsequent adrenaline release completely dysregulate the whole body via the adrenaline effects on Autonomic Nervous System. High cortisol is probably due to hypoglycemia and high glucose is because there is probably insulin resistance caused by inflammation. But as I said, hypoglycemia is insulin resistance caused usually by inflammation induced by endotoxins. Wake up to go to pee is something else than wake up due to hypoglycemia induced adrenaline release and spasms in urinary bladder.

Sure, most people with hypoglycemia never reach the blood glucose levels when they just drop on the floor and swinging their heads from side to side and mumble something. He recommends the hypoglycemic diet and natural bio-identical progesterone cream as a solution.
Heller … Retrieve Full SourceHealthy Meal PlanningFoods on which a healthy diet is built. Keep these Low Blood Glucose (Hypoglycemia) Low blood glucose can make you feel shaky, weak, … Content RetrievalHF Healthy Meal PlanningYour meal plan for the amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein key to building a healthy diet.

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