NRGFUEL Anabolic Mass Gain is a revolutionary new weight gain formula designed not just to put on serious mass but also increase your strength, stamina, endurance and recovery, with a huge 630 calories per 150g serving!
Mix 2 heaped scoops (150g) of NRGFUEL Anabolic Mass Gain Formula with 300-400ml of water or milk.
Being a naturally slim guy I have always struggled to gain mass and then when I do I struggle to keep it on.

For the past month and a half, I have been using your 'Anabolic mass gain, heavyweight gain' protein powder in chocolate flavour, and have been thoroughly enjoying it; as a true ectomorph body type I find it difficult to gain mass, especially in the form of muscle mass! NRGFUEL’s Anabolic Mass Gain have condensed a massive 11,000mg of key anabolic ingredients to blast your way through your next workout. Not only have I seen a big improvement in my gains with this product, some weeks due to work commitments I only go to train once a week and with a shake a day I have still maintained my muscle mass.

But I just want to say thank you, and also suggest you start working on a peanut butter flavour one, lord knows how many of that flavour you'd sell, especially to me!

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