One of the most important aspects of weight training and building muscle is giving your muscles enough time to recuperate.
In order to build lean muscle you need to combine the three essential components of: Resistance training, adequate nutrition and adequate rest and recovery.
To build lean muscle, you first need to break the muscle down so that it can repair itself and make itself bigger and stronger. There are many different forms of resistance training, but your best bet to build lean muscle, is performing compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and the bench press.
Compound exercises such as these are ideal for building lean muscle mass as they work all your major muscle groups and allow you to use the greatest amount of weight possible.
You see maximum benefit when you perform exercises that involve more of your major muscle groups, as the more muscles you involve, the more hormones you will produce which will lead to greater muscle growth.
The four exercises mentioned above will work you legs, chest, shoulders, back and arms, not to mention your core muscles.
The next key component of discovering how to build lean muscle, is understanding the nutritional requirements to do so.
This means that you need to be getting plenty of rest, because if you aren’t resting than you are not repairing and not building any lean muscle – Simple as that.

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Getting a tan: Most of the professional models, fitness competitors as well as competitive bodybuilders know how important it is to have a tan in order to make the physique look stunning. Pump up muscles: You must understand that you should actually have big muscles to make them look even bigger.
There could be another whole article on nutrition for building lean muscle, but lets take a look at some of the fundamentals. Well that is a highly debated topic and can depend on a few factors, however most experts agree that its at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, so make sure you are at least getting that. Hopefully this has given you an overview of what’s required, but this was of course at quite a high level, so be sure to check out all of our articles at Muscle on the Double to cover these in more detail.
If you keep your muscles hidden under thick dark colored hair, the muscles do not get the visibility it deserves. The truth is that the gym is where you are breaking the muscles down, but it is while you are resting that your muscles are repairing themselves and becoming bigger and stronger.
Building lean muscle doesn’t mean that the only thing you can eat is protein though, Here are some examples of what you should be doing.

It shows that the arm muscles are too big to be held by the sleeves of the t-shirt or the shirt. Thus, when a body looks leaner, the muscles of the body tend to look even fuller, bigger as well as more well-defined.
In addition to that, when you keep your muscles even relatively bigger than usual, it creates an illusion of massive muscles on a temporary basis. However, you neither have to lie under the sun for hours nor have to get tanning beds for hours to get a tan.
However, you must work out properly before wearing short tight sleeves as these do not help your midsection look bigger. When you work out in a proper manner, these short tight sleeves creates an illusion of a huge upper body with a lean waist.

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