When a woman is pregnant, her body stores excess fats automatically, so that it supports nutritional needs of the fetus.
After delivery, you need to concentrate, on how to regain your strength and let the body recover from the whole process of child birth.
What to eat while breastfeeding and what not to eat while breastfeeding, is a very important factor to consider. Nursing mothers should avoid diet pills and herbal supplements because they are not good while breast feeding. Once the woman conceives and starts to breastfeed, you can now start to lose weight by eating low calorie nutritious foods.
According to health experts, nursing mothers who feed their babies, by breasting for than six months, lose more weight, compared to those who do not.

Diet while breastfeeding should be avoided, because it will affect the quantity of breast milk production and reduce nutrients to supply your child.
Feeding the baby on demand, is a good way of losing weight while breastfeeding because the baby eats, frequently and this makes the mother to burn more calories. Mothers who breastfeed, wonder if their new born baby, is getting enough to eat because it is hard to know, how many ounces the baby has consumed. Nursing mothers lose a lot of weight, during postpartum months, compared to women, who are not breastfeeding.
Some of the foods that breastfeeding mothers, should eat include grains, lean meat, beans, low fat foods and fruits. Dieting while breastfeeding and keeping the body in good condition, is a very important factor of how to lose weight while breastfeeding.

There are other nursing mothers, who are told that, they should eat a lot of food, while nursing to increase their milk supply. Liquids like fruits and juice will help the mother, to increase the fluid requirement when breastfeeding.

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