By 1977, at 23 years of age, my weight had increased to 145 lbs, and I had difficulty conceiving our first child. In the years following, life was on fast “speed.” Little did I know that the cortisol levels were creeping up.
In 1991, I was 37 years of age and weighed 190 lbs at which point I saw my first endocrinologist. About 3 months after my first surgery, I had a bloody discharge from my left breast, which was diagnosed as a papilloma; a small tumor was surgically removed. I went directly to my primary care physician, had a pituitary MRI, which showed that a 3.0 mm microadenoma was back. I started taking my pulse when I woke up feeling like there was a “bass drum” pounding fast in my chest. My weight did go down a little, but as soon as I stopped the “liquid” diet, the weight went right back up. I have had no menstrual cycle since 2000, but no symptoms of menopause, which is very good.

I had no menstrual cycle after the first pregnancy because I was nursing my daughter and became pregnant again in 1980 while nursing.
During the next 3 years, I started losing weight (down to 145–150 lbs), and my life was starting to get back on track.
I had never had a weight problem and never even thought about what I ate before “this” started happening.
After several years of this sleep pattern, it was starting to wear on me; the fatigue and weight just kept increasing. My Mom said, “I finally have my Sandy back.” I didn’t realize the impact my excessive weight had had on my family. I did have fatigue, weight gain, heart palpitations, skin fragility, abdominal striae, centrifugal fat, ruddy complexion, increased sweating, and superclavicular fullness.
By the time the second surgery took place in 1999, (17 months after the tumor showed up for the second time on MRI), I weighed 215 lbs, was diabetic, had acid reflux, thyroid issues, and stress fractures in my feet. I was in intensive care for 4 days, 2 of which were due to “passing out” and having to call a critical care physician and then 3 more days in hospital.

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