All you need to gain mass is a steady supply of calories, and the know-how to time your carbs properly.
Gain Muscle Lose Fat - If You're Tired Of Being Called Fat, Lose Fat & Gain Muscle Mass Now! To Gain Muscle Lose Fat faster, you have to build a foundation of proper nutrition and exercise.
First off, most dieters are too concerned with losing weight, rather than Gain Muscle Lose Fat. For a few hours after lifting, carbs (especially the fast-digesting, high-glycemic kind) send a huge hormonal growth signal that only the muscle cells respond to.

However, the effectiveness is contingent on your keeping carbs as low as possible in your pre-workout meals. When you “starve yourself into losing weight, you invariably end up losing a lot of lean muscle mass.
Bodybuilders have a higher metabolic rate than the average person because they have so much muscle mass.
However there is still big problems with the diet and exercises regimen that most overweight people use. What you want to do is to lower your body fat levels in order for you to Gain Muscle Lose Fat.

So, the easiest way is to hit the gym and take Force Factor, the number one muscle building supplement in the US.

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